The Time That Shall Not Be Named

I have a strange tradition.

I love running, but I have always had a problem with motivation.  I like to sit at home and eat chocolate instead of going for my run, because my couch is comfy and chocolate is yummy.

Anyway, whenever I feel exceptionally slothlike, I enter myself into a race that I am in no way prepared to run fast in.  And I do terrible.

For some reason, I find this failure incredibly motivating.

This morning I ran a local women’s only 5km.  And though I haven’t looked at official results, I think I added approximately 11 minutes to by best 5km time.

But I had fun.  I had a rocking playlist.  I race the last 600 metres with an 8 year old in her first race.  I beat my nemesis, a person I picked at random after the turn around, Chick In The Red Shirt.

And it completely reenergized me to train so that my next race will be faster.

Finished the 5km strong, high fived the little girl, and kept jogging another two km to meet up with my boyfriend and dog frolicking in the dog park, who were thrilled to see me, regardless if I ran fast or not 🙂

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