Running to get away from it all

I’m away for work and had a lovely 40 minutes run.  I have no idea how far I went, but it was nice and sunny, albit a little on the warm side but seeing as it was 2:30pm and I didn’t melt, I think this is probably a good thing.  I found a nice and pretty trail along the river and it was just men and the gravel.  And the guy fishing on the river bed.

Today I ran to get away.

I love my job.  I really do.  I get to contribute.  I get to travel.  I meet some amazing athletes and coaches.  I know that not many people are excited to get to go to work everyday, but I do, and I know I’m one of the lucky few.  But sometimes having the ability to just leave for an hour to rejuvenate and just have an hour of “me” and not having to think about anyone else is a gold mine.

IPod on shuffle, and I head out and I love every second.  And because I run, I come back better than ever.

A tea in the morning and a run a night.  That is all it takes to keep me happy.

Yes, it really is that simple.

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