I Have a Boo Boo

Injuries happen.  They happen in day to day life.  They happen in accidents.  And they certainly happen while running.  Shin splints, sore muscles, tears, rolled ankles – anything can happen.  And yesterday it happened to me.  But I’m not quite sure where I hurt, I’m more just aware that I do hurt.

It’s all my dog’s fault.

We were out for our afternoon 6km – 4.4km to the dog park, a play with other dogs, and then 1.6km home.  She’s a pretty good running partner and if I do say so myself, the cutest thing ever, but she does have a weakness.  She’s too socialized.  She needs to say hello to everyone and everything.  And this is how I hurt myself.

About three and a half km into our run, there was a puppy crossing the road ahead of us with its person.  No, not only a puppy.  A Wheaton puppy, one of Cooper’s favourite breeds on the planet. And she needed to go see it.  Now.  Normally, this isn’t a problem.  She runs in front of me (I can’t decide if its an innate husky pulling trait or an innate shepherd guarding trait, but I can’t seem to break it from her, no matter how many treats and clickers are involved) and although it isn’t the favoured heel position, I am able to see better if she’s going to start pulling after something.  A pull of the leash and a firm “NO.  LEAVE IT.” generally works, though she will stare at whatever she’s looking at longingly.  Unfortunately, this puppy crossed our line of sight at the same time as we were running through some muddy grass.  I pulled the leash and skidded at the same time, throwing off my center of balance.

And then proceed to skid and slide for 20 meters.  There were a couple moments when I thought that I was going to make a spectacular recovery and the judges would have given me an 8.4 for being shaky on the dismount but nailing the landing.  No, what I did was slide until I simply ran out of momentum and landed softly on my bum.  And then proceeded to be licked by Cooper and her new Wheaton friend.  The other owner was concerned and asked if I was all right – I of course said that I was fine, but the moment that I started running again, I could feel little twinges in places that there had been no twinges before – my right quad, my left hamstring, my core and the rest of the run was significantly slower.

Now I’m sore all over.  My bum is fine but my muscles ache way more than what is normal for my daily run and I know that its completely from my attempt to stabilize and not fall down.  I’m certain that I would hurt less if I had just wiped out completely.

Things I learned:
1. Mud is slippery
2. Puppy kisses cure all as do couch cuddles when you finally get home

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