Running in a Winter Wonderland

Oh the blizzard outside is frightful,
But running is so delightful.
So many kilometers to run,
through the snow, through the snow, through the snow.

I don’t think that song writing is in my future, but there is something that I love about running in the snow. It wasn’t cold and the flakes were huge and it brings a little bit of childishness back into a boring adult life.  Catching snowflakes on my tongue. Tossing snowballs at the dog.  Squealing as snow falls off a tree branch and goes down my neck — seriously, that was cold.

6.5km tonight.  Not very fast.  In fact, it was really freaking slow.  After my run, did 40 minutes of Wii Yoga.  By the way, Biggest Loser Challenge?  Kicking my butt.  There was a series of pushups yesterday that made me collapse in exhaustion.  And my arms feel quite jello-y today.  Was very glad the program threw yoga at me today, because if I had seen pushups on the screen, there is a chance that I would have cried.

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