Let the sun shine in…

Now I don’t want to alarm you and I hope that I’m not jinxing it by actually saying it out loud but… spring is here.   I think that means that the groundhog was right, if you put much stock in rodent meteorologists or remember as far back as February 2nd.

Like any good Canadian, I do like winter.  I like hockey, skiing and tobogganing and curling up by the fire with a big cup of hot chocolate with floating marshmallows, but I have to admit being able to run outside in shorts and a t-shirt in early March is fabulous, dah-ling.  Of course, this does mean other issues arise like figuring out where to put my keys when I realise that my shorts don’t have pockets and remembering to bring my water bottle on short runs so that my doggy training partner doesn’t over heat – though the fuel belt can hold my keys, so I guess those problems balance out.

The good weather also means that there are more people out and about being active after a few months of hibernation.  More people are out walking on the trails, riding their bikes and having picnics in the park and while I may be slightly annoyed at the time when there are four ladies walking straight across the path with no realisation that they are blocking everyone elses way, I am glad that there are out there doing something.  I just wish they wouldn’t look so put out when I pass them on the grass, kicking up a little mud at them.  Completely, totally not on purpose.  Maybe.

Spring for me usually starts with Harry’s Spring Run Off 8km in High Park when, despite the name, it still always feels like winter before the start especially with everyone huddled together from the wind in our corrals, debating with chattering teeth about whether to wear our gloves or not.

Things may change between now and then, because Mother Nature tends to be a little bipolar, but as of right now it looks like my biggest question is going to be whether I listen to Walking on Sunshine or It’s Raining Men before the start.  As long as I don’t have to break out a rendition of Let It Snow, we’re all good.

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