Runners belong in Middle Earth

In many ways, runners are a lot like Hobbits.  We go on surprising long journeys when others think that they are frivolous, we consider many hills to be the equivalent of Mount Doom, our feet aren’t the prettiest things ever, and we like to eat.  Frequently.

The idea of second breakfast gets me excited just thinking about it and it is part of many runners Sunday tradition.  Small, light meal alongside their caffeinated beverage of choice to start off the morning and then off we run on LSD – long slow distance, of course – to finish off the week with a bang and to bump our already impressive mileage totals so we brag about our accomplishments around our proverbial water cooler (or Twitter-verse).

One of my favourite things to do after my Sunday long run is to find a good plate of waffles, fruit, yogurt and turkey bacon to tuck into.  I don’t really even like waffles all that much on any normal day, but after 15km, they are the best thing ever.  I will fight you over the last piece.  Turkey bacon makes me groan like Homer Simpson.  My tea even tastes more delicious after the run than before, and to be honest I already love tea more than Samwise Gamgee loves Frodo.

The thing about running is that while it makes you fit, gives you killer calf muscles that are great for showing off in high heels (when you aren’t injured, of course) — it makes you hungry.  New runners, especially those who have started in hopes of losing weight, are shocked by this.  I’ll let you in on a secret – it is because running is hard.  You burn more calories on a run than you do on an elliptical machine at the gym, no matter what you have the settings on.  Runners are tough.  We brave the weather, we overcome sore muscles and we need to refuel afterwards because it.  Just make healthy choices about what you do your Sunday post run binge with, and you’ll be golden.

Now if only a healthy post run meal was ice cream covered in chocolate — that would really be my precious.

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