Toronto Women’s Run 5km

I love the Toronto Women’s Run Series for several reasons:

1. It’s super well organized. While the first time I did one of their races my boyfriend commented that only a women’s race would have a volunteer in charge of port a potties, I have to admit it makes the line go faster.

2. There are hunky firemen who give out chocolate during the race. Who doesn’t like that?

3. Location, location, location. I live near Sunnybrook and love any race that doesn’t require me fighting the crappy TTC Sunday morning schedule.

However, I always seem to run into a very unique predicament.  Every time I register for one of these races, it conflicts with events for my friends weddings. Last year there was a rough race after drinking too much wine at a bachelorette party the night before.  This time I was at a Stag & Doe up in Huntsville and didn’t get to Toronto until 1am the night before.

I woke up race day feeling exhausted and dehydrated as well as having a headache from the probable concussion I gave myself on Friday when I had a table fall on my head as I took it apart to move it into a different room my house. My race conditions weren’t optimal and I haven’t been running as much as I should be.

Got to the race site, picked up some safety pins for my number, bid adieu to my support team of boyfriend and dog and headed to the start line. Maybe I just didn’t see them, but there didn’t seem to be any markers in the corral for finish times. I knew I was probably too far back at the start, but as I was feeling pretty rough, I figured it didn’t really matter 😉

Surprisingly, I felt pretty good once I finally got moving and starting nearer to the back than normal helped. It stopped me from starting out too fast and it’s motivating to be passing people through the race rather than dying and being passed by hoards in the final stages.  Got a mental boost when I got my chocolate from a good looking fireman and pocketed it for the last 2K.

After running under the bridge, I spotted the finish line and was surprised to see the clock showing a time starting with 29 and realised that if I booted it to the line I could end up with a chip time under 30 minutes. Picked up the pace, waved at my cheering section and crossed the line in 30:46 for a chip time of 29:38 – step one for my “no 5ks over 30 minutes in 2012” goal. Part of me will always be frustrated that I’m no where near my PB, and probably never will be, but I will take what I get from the training that I put in so I’m happy with this result 🙂

Got my food and headed back to meet with the boyfriend and dog and head to Timmy’s for breakfast. It was a great race as always so kudos to the team involved!

Next race on the schedule is the Warrior Dash – which I’m super excited and nervous for, though I’ve given it an exemption of my 30 minute goal. Leaping over fire and climbing through mud will be fun, but sure to slow down my time 🙂

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