Toronto Women’s Run – 5km

I’ve said it before and I will say it again – I love the Toronto Women’s Run Series. There is no bad. 

I was having a busy weekend as not only was this race happening, but my geeky self was busy fangirling at Fan Expo for the 2 days leading up to the race. While being this close to John Barrowman and getting a hug from Stan Lee are super exciting, being on my feet for that was tiring and I was mentally exhausted from all the excitement. I was freaking out like a toddler who drank Red Bull instead of apple juice.

Saturday morning came and while my legs were a little heavy feeling, I felt good to go. Walked down to the race solo – my normal pit crew was busy with some critical Madden 12 PS3 playoff game – and got there with lots of time to spare. I have to admit, I love living within walking distance to the start line – I get to sleep in and don’t have to deal with parking. Wandered around and looked at the sponsor booths (Mizuno shoes look awesome!) and waited for the start.

Leading up to the race, the organizers emailed everyone to let them know that due to constructiothat’s the course had to be modified and the start for both the 5 & 10k would be together and the 10kers would be doing two loops. I was a little concerned about the congestion on their second loop, but from my 5k perspective, it looked like it worked out rather well, especially since the used the second path for the first part of the second loop. It seemed to be ok and I didn’t hear any complaints.

Unlike last time, I saw the corral times and actually started where I was supposed to and this was a good thing, especially with everyone starting together. This meant less navigating, which is good because I run a bit like a drunk person and lack the ability to go in a straight line.

I didn’t wear a watch, so I have no idea on splits. I know that my 1k was about 5:25 based on what the people around me said, and I know that I slowed significantly between kilometers 3 & 4 based on feel. I had made a deal with myself before the race that I was going to boot it home as fast as possible once I hit the bridge. And boot I did, passing several people.

Only regret? Should have started a couple seconds sooner. I ran and crossed the line in 29:00.5. Chip time was 28:45, but the thought that I could have had an official time under 29 is maddening. Next time!

I left the race after grabbing my medal, water, food and chocolate and headed home for a shower to headed back to Fan Expo – I was done with my own super hero actions for the day.

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