Toronto Yonge Street 10km

I don’t think I’ve run a 10km in a really long while.  At least a couple years have gone by so I didn’t really know what to expect.  I knew that I wanted to have a fast pace/kilometer than I did at Harry’s Spring Run Off 8km (which was 5:57), and other than that, I had two goals:

Goal 1 – Under 1 hour.  After having a couple crappy couple years of running (mainly due to no training) last year I made the rule that I wasn’t allowed to have any 5k’s slower than 30 minutes.   Going under an hour would mean that I would have to do it twice (or at least once by a bunch and then hang on for dear life).  As long as I didn’t see that one hour mark, I’d be happy

Goal 2 – Under 58 minutes.

In the morning, The Husband dropped me at Roehampton and I started to jog to the start line to put in a little warm up (and to just plain stay warm) and almost immediately, I stepped on a stray rock (which was about the size of my fist so I don’t know how I didn’t see it) and ended up wiping out on the road and had a moment of panic that I wasn’t going to be able to walk on it, let alone run.  Deciding to take my own words to heart that I tell my dog when she gets shaken from a rumble in the dog park and to walk it off.  And I did.  There were about 10 shaky minutes, but the pain subsided and I got my head back in the game.

Headed over to Blue Corral and joined everyone in a minute of silence in honour of the Boston tragedy and then cheering on the waves ahead of us as they took off down Yonge.  I think that the staggering of the corral starts for this race is a great idea.  Even though we are sorted by time, there are always runners that are in the wrong corral and slow everyone down; the five minute intervals on the start ease that congestion, especially since everything is ranked by chip time – unless you are looked to win, it doesn’t matter if we all start at once.

I’ve done this race twice before (according to SportStats) and in my experience, I have learned that going downhill makes you go too fast too soon.  As a notorious too fast starter, I had to make sure to keep myself under control.  Passed the 1km mark saying “please don’t be under 5 minutes” to myself, to be happy to see that it was 5:32 and made the goal with myself to try and run consistent 5:30s as long as I could

1km – 5:32
2km – 5:28
3km – 5:30
4km – 5:33
5km – 27:33.  This made me ecstatic – I haven’t been under 29 since approximately 2009 (injury and then laziness) and to be under 28 mid race made me smile.  This made me set the mid race goal of being under 56.
6km – 5:29

After 6km, that is when I fell apart on pace with a 5:46, but kept pushing and didn’t wuss out like I’ve been known to do when a race gets hard.  Stopped looking at my watch and just kept putting one foot in front of the other, and before I knew it, I was crossing the bridge and rounding to the finish, and came home strong, to stop my watch at 56:03.  Not meeting my fastest, mid race decided goal, but meeting my others.  I’m happy with my race, though a little annoyed at that 3 seconds…

Picked up my medal and headed over to pick up my promo t-shirt (which I love) for registering early and prepared once again.  I’m training for Toronto Women’s Half in May, and I was supposed to do 16km today, so I put on my new shirt and was instantly less cold-sweaty, broke out the iPod and headed back along the course to finish my last 6km of the day.

On my way back, I cheered on runners who looked like they needed some motivation, chatted with some policemen redirecting traffic and thanked them for coming out and then was in awe at the efficiency of the race volunteers and crew on the dismantling of the event.  At 10:45, I was back at Bloor and there was no evidence that there had even been a race going on today.

Got home and gave my medal to my running partner who wasn’t able to race today:

Cooper Medal

Next up: Toronto Women’s Half Marathon on May 26th

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