Music Heals All

This morning I headed out on my Sunday morning run, as per usual.  It was awful. I felt blah at 1km. I considered stopping and walking home when I hit the 2km mark. At 3km I decided that I was going to tough it out no matter what, and if I threw up on the road or passed out, someone would be sure to find me.

And then something wonderful happened. My iPod saved my run.

I am not musically inclined, but The Husband is a fanatic (though he prefers enthusiast) and the shelves in our house are filled with vinyl and CDs, as well as an external hard drive with my perspective of infinity GB of space for music. Every once in a while, he completely wipes my iPod and redoes it.  I can ask him to create a playlist for a run and he will produce something awesome for me to rock and run out to.

I know that there are some people who like hard rock or metal while running and others with a fast tempo, but personally I like songs that, if I wished, I could sing along to.  Ever see someone singing to themselves as they run?  Yes, that is probably me.

This song is random and silly and laughable, and it came at exactly the right time. Turned my crappy 3km slog into a fantastic 14km Sunday morning.

Quickly followed by this


Sometimes, it’s just the little things that make the difference.  Those three songs completely turned my run around.  Maybe next time, they won’t have the same affect, but today, it was a perfect storm of running music.

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