Product Review – Nuun

Stopped in at Running Room today to pick up a few things and managed to snag a tube of Strawberry Lemonade Nuun.

That’s right, I’m losing my nuun-inity.


Nuun is a hydration sport tablet that gives you the electrolytes without the carbohydrates (aka. sugar).  As someone who sweats more than most people when exercising, I need something more than water to stay hydrated, and I’m intrigued by the fizziness and variety of flavours.

Now, I’m doing something different and writing this review as I’m trying it out.  I split my tab in half an dropped it into an 8oz bottle and watched the fizz go!

photo (1)

After two minutes (which is how long it takes according to the side of the tube) I take my first sip…

Mmmm.  I like it.  The fizz isn’t over powering like pop, just a little kick.  I really liked the flavour – I have a feeling that this would be hit or miss for me because I don’t like juice which limits my enjoyment of drinks (that aren’t tea).  Its just a minimal flavour to add to the water that isn’t sickeningly sweet a the sugar based hydration formulas (I’m looking at you, Gatorade)

The only downside is that you can’t order it online from Canada because of customs regulations on food products, which limits the variety of flavours that you’ll be able to find because what you see in the store will be what you get.  I think that Watermelon Nuun may be my new best friend, but they didn’t have any in the store so now we’ll never know… or at least we won’t know until I’m able to track some down 😉

Two fizzy thumbs up

Disclaimer: I was not paid to promote this product, nor do I work for the company.  I just simply tried it and likes it.  If you are interested in Nuun, go visit their website!

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