Race Report – Dawn at the Don 5K

For about the past month, my running has been taking the backseat.  Lots of travelling for work has made it hard to train consistently as days have been going super long and I was often having to choose between getting in an extra hour of sleep and running – and sleep was definitely winning.  I was able to squeeze a few runs in here and there, but my last run had been on July 7th when I was able to fit in a hot, sweaty, mess of a 14K run when I had a 3 hour break between work sessions and a shower available.

Earlier in the week I was shocked to get an email about the Dawn at the Don race kit pick up because I had it marked down in my calendar that it was next weekend (clicked the wrong Sunday on my Google Calendar).  Not that it would have made much of a difference, but that extra week would have given me a little more time as Crazy Month of Work finished on the 10th and I’m now able to get back on the training train.

Anywhoo, did the race anyway.  Race kit pick up at Running Room was quick and seamless, but as always I ended up spending more money than I would have if it were hosted somewhere else (oh, I need more body glide and shoelaces) – good for Running Room, bad for me.  Good, small little race in Sunnybrook Park, on the same course that Toronto Women’s Run series and other races use – flat out and back.  At the time that I registered, I remember debating doing the 8K but decided to try for a adult PB in the 5 instead.  

This did not happen.

Off the start, I tucked myself in behind two guys in the blue because they looked like they were going my pace, and they were great to follow:

1K – 5:23
2k – 5:01

Morning was sunny and bright and deceptively hot and humid.  Went through 2.5K at 13:15 and then everything just went pfffft.  I fell off the pace of the blue shirt guys.  I succumbed to my mental weakness.  I was hot.  I was tired.  I just didn’t want to keep running.  At the water station I grabbed some water just to pour on my head to cool down, only to find out that it was Gatorade… so I sipped a bit instead, but it didn’t really have the same effect.

I’m not proud, but I’ll admit it – I essentially gave up.  I wasn’t feeling it.  I kept running, yes, but I was just going through the motions.  This is something I need to work on.  Staying tough when the situation gets tough.  I used to have this fighter within when I ran – I’m sure she’s still there, but she needs a little kick in the pants which I think she got on Sunday.

29:29 finish time (29:08 on my watch).  A year ago I would have been happy-ish with that time, which I guess means that there is progress.  Found out I was 3rd in my age group after I got home – oops 😉

It was an ok day.  I didn’t run as fast as I wanted, but I learned something about myself, which is more than can be said for other runs.

I’m still a goof though – fast or slow running! 

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