My Top 10 Running Related Twitters to Follow

When I first became a runner, back at the young age of 12, the only runners I knew were other girls in my races.  As I got older, I realised that there were runners everywhere, of all different ages and sizes and speeds and I got to meet them while I was out on the run or at races.  Now with social media, runners who may have never met and live all over the world can connect and share and be a part of a community.  I just think it’s nifty that we’re able to reach out and learn from others a just a touch of a button.

So now I bring you my top 10 running related Twitter’s to follow (in no particular order).  Some of these people I’ve interacted with.  Some of them I just stalk on Twitter.  None of them have a met in real life, but they affect my life almost every day, even if they don’t know it.

1. @Zepphead – This dude is intense.  Like, going for a 15K run in +30C while wearing a 35lb weight vest while the rest of us sit at home and eat ice cream intense.  Dry sense of humour that always makes me chuckle and watching his tweets makes me want to up my training game because he reminds me that we can always push harder and be a little more badass.

2. @oiselle – Oiselle is women’s running apparel company with an extremely loyal and enthusiastic group of followers (myself included) and are dedicated to the female runner, both fast and slow, as long as they are aspiring for personal awesomeness.  These fine, fast and fierce ladies are masters of social media upping their brand awareness 100000000%.  Plus, they are the queens of the witty hashtag.

3. @RunCRS – the Canadian Running Series is one of the most active race twitters that I’ve seen and actively works to connect their athletes to each other and to the series.  Retweeting, hashtagging, social hubs, group runs, they’ve got it all and they’ve managed to keep up with their community, which is something a lot of races struggle with. Having a rough training day? They’ll be sure to pick you up so that tomorrow’s will be better.  Their #STWM hashtag always helps me get moving.

4. @shewolfruns – Sheila Reid is funny.  Like, able to make me laugh until I cry in 140 characters or less.  Maybe it is because she’s both awesome and dorky all at once, while still being able to be a kick ass elite runner, but she’s just so gosh darn likeable.

5. @redrunningshoe – When I grow up, I want to be Phaedra Kennedy.  She’s a tough cookie who isn’t afraid to take chances.  If things go wrong, she picks herself up and tries again, rising up to be bigger and better than before.

6. @SarahOUaL – This chick is the funniest running blogger on the planet.  She should have a crown and a scepter and people should call her Queen Lime.

7. @perditafelicien – Perdita Felicien has always been one of my track and field heros.  As a tragically and humourously clumsy person, I’ve always admired hurdlers and their ability to run fast and jump over things at the same time and not wipe out over each one.  Perdita has had ups and downs in her career, but always came back like a rock star. Random fact: my first ever tweet that was retweeted by someone I didn’t know in real life was by Perdita, and it made my week.

8. @theRunningEd – Fiona makes me think about how I can make myself a better runner, both mentally and physically and how the two mesh together.  Plus, she’s British, so I read her tweets in my head with a British accent, and that is always fun.

9. @RunningQuotes – Sometimes you just need a little pick me up for motivation.

10. @Running_Memes – And while still motivating, sometimes a laugh is what you need to get off an running.

Honourary Mention
@UndergrndBadger – Not actually a runner, but is my biggest supporter and cheering section so he gets a shout out.  He is my official stuff holder at races and listens to me rattle on about running in real life even though he doesn’t quite get it, pokes fun at me walking around the house in my compression socks and he brings me balance, because someone needs to tell me when I have too many pairs of running shoes sitting in front of the door.

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2 Responses to My Top 10 Running Related Twitters to Follow

  1. Awww shucks Lindsay, thanks so much!!! I’m going to check out these other folks too! I love finding new people to follow. 😀

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