Being the new kid

Last night I did something that I haven’t done in a very long time and I have to admit I was little nervous about it.

I joined a running group and went to my first workout.

I have been on running teams before in high school and university, but I hadn’t been part of a training group since I left school, but I’ve come to the realization that I need one.  I’m fine going out for a run on my own, but if I want to do any speed work and challenge myself, I need a little extra motivation.  Going out and deciding “Ok, Self.  We are going to do 5×400 at race pace” when I’m alone doesn’t work.  I get to maybe 3, things start to get a little hard and my natural reaction is to say “Good enough!” and not finish what I started.

I lack follow through.

With a group, you can’t do that.  Well, I guess you can, but its harder.  Other people will notice.  Or at least I think that they will notice and apparently that peer pressure is enough.

Anyway, I met up with XSNRG at Leaside High.  I said it before – I was nervous.  What if I was the slowest by a lot and everyone had to wait for me?  What if its all men?  Not that I have an issue with men, but this is linked to the first concern – I had no hope if they are all speedy men.  What if everyone is mean, like to the new kid on the first day of school? I sent The Husband a text when I was on my way “What if all the big kids are mean to me and throw rocks at me during recess?” He said that he didn’t think that the rock throwing thing was very likely.

Turns out, there was no reason to be nervous.  There was a group of about 30 runners of all different abilities and everyone was inviting.  I wasn’t the only new runner out, which helped (and funnily enough we were wearing the same jacket – newbie twinsies!).  We ran warm up together as a group to the spot where we were going to do our workout, did some drills and strides and did our workout and I thought it was really well laid out practice.  We were running a 530m loop, but the workout was time based, so everyone did the same amount of intervals, but the distance was dependent on their individual speed.  Ended up in a group with a nice group of ladies and had a great time.  My wheels sort of fell off on the last interval, but being with the group helped and pushed me through.

I’ll definitely be back next week!

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