Preparing to Prepare for Ironman Muskoka

I’ve spent my week researching things and getting my duckies in, not quite a row, but at least in a gathering. 

1. Met up with Coach Brock and talked about the plan for the next year, and though he probably doesn’t know that he did it, he put a lot of my nerves at ease.  Of course I can do an Ironman!  I can do anything!

2. Got my swim gear all put together, and got new goggles and training suit.  Ready to hit the pool!

3. Made a list of “Things I Need, Things I Want, and Things to Get When I Win The Lottery” in terms of Ironman stuff.  List is on the fridge for things to get cross off as they got bought.

4. Got my bike back!  Its been living at my cousins house as I don’t have a lot of space for storage in my apartment.  Need to go get it tuned up and such.

5. Wish list shopped for a new bike.  I have a couple options – I can either make some upgrades to my current Giant road bike, or I can buy a new tri/road bike.  Still pondering this.  Wouldn’t be buying anything super expensive, but it would probably be an upgrade from my Giant regardless.  I think for now, I’m going to train on the Giant and think about a new bike a little more over the winter.

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