A Year of Training – Week 3

First week officially with the coach, which means one thing.  It’s testing week!

Monday – today was supposed to be a strength session, but when I got to the gym, they were closing in 20 minutes because of the holiday.  So I took a quick look at my schedule and made the on the go decision to switch to my Run Lactate Threshold Test which I was supposed to do on Saturday.  Super humid and hot at 3:45pm, and I hit the paths in Sunnybrook which were full of families trying to squeeze the most out of their last day of summer.  A little crowded and had to keep dodging the same family on bikes, but got it done. Average 180 heart rate at 5:51 pace for 20 minutes.  This means things.  Important things.  Mainly about heart rate zones.  I’m just thrilled that my Zone 2 is slightly higher than what my heart rate monitor defaults to.  I can almost run that slow at that heart rate, which is better than not being close at all.

Tuesday – Critical Swim Speed Test day!  My regular pool was closed for yearly maitenence so I headed down to Regent Park Aquatic Centre for the first time.  Gorgeous little facility with lots of people swimming.  Critical speed test was a 400 timed from a push, followed by some easy swimming, and then a 200 timed.  It was a little rough because it was crowded in the lane, but got it done.  400 – 6:27.  200 – 3:06.  Not fast (at least not to ex-swimmer me) but lots of room for improvement.  1:41/100 critical speed.  I would like to apologize to the lady in my lane wearing a Open Water Swim Series cap and IMMT backpack – I showed bad swimmer form and passed between the flags and the wall during my timed swim.

Wednesday – Strength workout at the gym.  Short, but strong.  Lateral lunges are hard :/

Thursday – Bike Lactate Test Day! My bike is in the shop getting repaired and geared up for a winter of riding inside, so I did this on the stationary bike at the gym.  Same set up as the run test,and heart rate ended up being a little lower (157).  Did about 18K

Friday – Gym day.  As I didn’t get my Monday strength session in, I did both the Monday and Friday weights.  Loved the gym on Friday night.  It was empty and awesome.

Saturday – Foam Rolling.  I hate foam rolling when I’m doing it, but always feel awesome after.  Made my sore glutes and IT bands go away.  I need to remember not to skip this.

Sunday – Off Day!

Weekly totals:
Swim: 2000m
Bike: 18K
Run: 9K
Gym: 5x

Time Total – 5:02

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1 Response to A Year of Training – Week 3

  1. JennaRuns says:

    Such a great idea to do weekly training recaps! I love this and I look forward to following your journey to Ironman 2015!

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