A Year of Training – Week 4

This week felt super long due to work and my workouts were my highlights.

Monday – Kick dominated swim and a gym session.  Don’t think my lane mates were thrilled with the amount of kick I was doing, but I did a good job of staying out of their way. Nothing was ‘hard’ but I was super tired after and fell asleep on the couch with the cuddly puppy at 9:30.

Tuesday – 8K run with XSNRG with lots of intervals at 5K pace on Rykert.  Cool, but super humid out.  Also got my bike back from the shop and it is set for a winter riding.

Wednesday – Lots of squats and lunges at the gym. Booo.  Making me stronger and unbreakable, but I don’t have to like it 😉

Arrgh, my groin.  Me after  lateral lunges.

Arrgh, my groin. Me after
lateral lunges.

Thursday – Got on my bike to realise that my computer is dead.  Battery is fine, but some wires are fried and it’s essentially garbage.  Headed to the gym instead to do my mile repeat workout stationary.  37Km done in a super sweaty fashion.  Foam rolled afterwards.

Friday – Weights at the gym on Friday night are awesome.  The place is empty and I’ve got all the space to myself.  Headed to swimming later for a sculling dominated workout after.

Saturday – Off.  Attended a wedding and ate too much candy 🙂

Sunday – 45 minute progression run with increasing heart rate.  I find it super hard to run in Zone 2.  I could have walked faster 😉

Weekly totals:
Swim: 3200m
Bike: 37K
Run: 15K
Gym: 3x

Time Total – 7:10

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