A Year of Training – Week 5

Monday – Had an afternoon of disorganization.  Plan was to walk to the gym, do my workout and then walk to the pool and then The Husband would pick me up on his way home from work. On the way to the gym I realised I forgot my waterbottle.  Walked back home, got water bottle, walked to gym.  At gym realised that I forgot my goggles too.  Did workout.  Walked home from gym to grab goggles (upsetting my dog that I was leaving again right away) and then walked to the pool.  Did my workout (lots of drill).  Got a call from the Husband as I was getting changed – he was stuck in traffic so had to walk home from the pool.  Extra cardio?  Massive calf cramp as I climbed out of the pool.  Hurt for 2 days 😦

Tuesday – XSNRG hill workout.  5x Hospital Hill, hard up, easy down.  I made a mistake of eating too many nachos as afternoon snack and they threatened to make a reappearance on all the down hills. Powered through.  11K total

Wednesday – I always find Wednesday strength workout to be the hardest because I know that there are lots of lunges in it.  I spend more time procrastinating about Wednesday nights at the gym than I actually do doing the workout.  Work was crazy so I squeezed in my workout and then went back to the grind 😦

Thursday – Outside bike turned into inside back because I was working late and it got dark.  Hopped on the trainer for an hour and spent my time watching TV and window shopping for new bikes on my phone.

Friday – LOL.  Went to the gym after work and then went out to the pub with the neighours for supper.  Left them at the pub to go to do my swim – first swim that involved a bit of speedy 50s! – and then went back to the pub to join them.  I was a good girl and didn’t partake in the beer, because drunk swimming never goes well and beer burps are gross 🙂

Saturday – Off day!  Stretched and foam rolled.  Big dog walkies were had 🙂

Sunday – First brick in forever!  60 minutes on the bike and then 40 minute run.  I was supposed to stay aerobic, but I felt awesome when I got off the bike and ran faster than I was supposed to.  Heart rate was too high, but it felt smooth and fun!

Weekly totals:
Swim: 4900m
Bike: ~50K
Run: 17K
Gym: 3x

Time Total – 7:59

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