A Year of Training – Week 6

Monday – Swim morning with lots of short speed and hypoxic work.  Back in my regular pool, which was good because its empty and close and free, but bad because it is always about 89 degrees, which makes going fast difficult.

Tuesday – XSNRG workout and I felt awesome.  Main set was 10×2 minutes with 1 minute recovery and was fast and speedy!

Wednesday – Plyo Bike workout with little sprints and jumps.  Got a new computer for my bike and it was being finicky.  Off to the gym for 45 minute strength session.

Thursday – 60 minutes aerobic ride – finally got my computer working – 26KM.  I originally thought this was a 50 minute ride and then was so disheartened to realise it was 60.  That extra 10 minutes were so disappointing.  They were fine when I was actually doing it, but the thought of it beforehand made me sad.

Friday – Morning swim and then off to a conference for the weekend.

Saturday – Got to conference to realise that I had missed some crucial running things – mainly a good sports bra (some of us are too well endowed) and my watch.  My Saturday speed work and Sunday recovery run had to be switched.  50 minutes aerobic in the dark in the early morning.  Not a morning runner here.

Sunday – Got home from conference, took a nap and then did my 30-20-10 run.  Heartrate play time!

Weekly totals:
Swim: 3700m
Bike: 44.5K
Run: 24.1K
Gym: 2x

Time Total – 7:07

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