A Year of Training – Week 7

Monday – Gym workout – Swim Foundational Strength, mainly focusing on arms and core.  Had a cramp in my right foot during front plank reaches, but its all good.

Tuesday – Tough running workout with XSNRG.  7x Suncrest Hill – hard up and down with 1-1.5 minutes rest between each.  Ran with the “Faster” group instead of the “Fast” group.  I really enjoy running with XSNRG – I’m faster than I was when I started with them in January.  Or at least I feel like it.  Running back in the dark in the trees was a little spooky!  Starting next week we are back at the high school, so at least when I run home after work out it will be lit along the streets.

Wednesday – Pyramid swim – 10 laps easy, 100m race pace, 9 laps easy, 100 race pace, etc.  Felt sleepy, but smooth.  1:30 average for the 100s.

Thursday – Gym session.  Week 7 and I still don’t like lateral lunges, but at least I am able to walk the next day after doing them 🙂

Friday – AEROBIC BRICK.  Last time I did one of these, I didn’t do it very well and didn’t stay aerobic on my run like I was supposed to (I felt good, so I ran too fast).  This time, I was a well behaved triathlete and stayed in my heart rate zones.  100 minute ride on the trainer and 60 minute run.  Then I showered and got into a car to go for a 6 hour car ride.  Was stiff when we got there, but not as bad as it could have been if I hadn’t stayed aerobic.

Saturday – OFF DAY!  I’ve realised that I haven’t had a true off day in 2 weeks!  Woke up with a sore throat and it was rainy, so I mostly stayed indoors and watched Netflix.  And I ate a maple BeaverTail and it was delicious.

Sunday – Drove back the 6 hours and did a quick body weight session.  Lots of pushups and lots of lunges.  Throat still sore, but took lots of naps 🙂

Weekly totals:
Swim: 2450m
Bike: 36K
Run: 20K
Gym: 3x

Time Total – 6:31

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