A Year of Training – Week 8

Strength and Power week!

Monday – Run Foundational Strength

Tuesday – XSNRG run. 9x520m loops with 1 minute rest in the pouring rain.  Had massive watch fail so not sure how fast they were, but they felt good.

Wednesday – Swim drill morning.  Lots of six beat kick and side kicking working on rolling.

Thursday – Unintended rest day. Had a weird pain in my right leg that I can’t accurately describe, somewhere between my knee and ankle.  Took the day off and used the heating pad and electro treatment pads and snuggled on the coach with the dog.  Reshuffled the rest of the week accordingly

Friday – Leg feels better. Swim-Bike brick.  1500m timed (25:08) and an hour on the bike (27.9K) and felt great.

Saturday – Ankle rebalance and swim foundational strength at the gym.  I love Swim Foundational strength!  No one at the gym on Thanksgiving weekend Saturday morning which was weird – I would have thought everyone was there to work off the turkey!

Sunday – 60 minute run in heart rate zone 2-3, with the last 5 minutes fast.  Super hill run, chilly and beautiful up north!

Weekly totals:
Swim: 4200m
Bike: 29.5K
Run: 19K
Gym: 2x

Time Total – 5:50

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