A Year of Training – Week 9

Monday – Thanksgiving Monday and everything was closed!  At home plyo workout.

Tuesday – 9K of the hardest hills ever with XSNRG.  5xLoblaws Hill.  They were the devil and my butt got handed to me on a platter.  My hips were stiff until Friday!

Wednesday – Swimming, working on stroke count and distance per stroke. Nice and easy – easn’t really supposed to be recovery, but my body certainly felt like it was less than 11 hours from the the killer running workout the day before

Thursday – Cadence bike ride on the trainer, with a wonky cadence monitor.  Still need to fiddle with this to get it right.

Friday – Total Body Injury Prevention Gym workout!  One of my favourites.  Lots of people in the gym for a Friday night.  What were they doing all up in my space.

Saturday – Went to the STWM expo and bike show and then did my big workout of the week; essentially, I did a mini triathlon.  1000m swim/15K bike/5K run, all in zone 3.  Felt awesome.  Legs were a little tired at night, but felt great.  I think this running slow thing might be good for me.

Sunday – I went and cheered at STWM!  Covered about 12 walking and running the course.  Recovery day, what?

Weekly totals:
Swim: 2400m
Bike: 38.8K
Run: 14.5K
Gym: 2x

Time Total – 5:35

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