A Week of Training – Week 10

Monday – Hill Bike Workout on the trainer because it was bucketing rain outside.  I have a little nervousness doing climbing on the trainer of it flying off and crashing into the coffee table.  Will move the table for future out of the saddle workouts 🙂

Tuesday – XSNRG interval workout on the lower Sunnybrook flats.  Did this workout in May and this time around it was much faster 🙂  8K in the dark rain.

Wednesday – Macca’s Stacker bike workout.  I really liked this workout – grinding the gears makes me feel badass.

Thursday – Off!  Work was crazy and I moved my Friday off day to Thursday 🙂

Friday – Working at a training camp most of the week threw training a curve, but managed to get my Body Weight workout in!

Saturday – Primal Essential Workout.  This is a great one because it can be done without the gym!  Arms were tired!!!

Sunday – Stroke count work in the pool for 2K and straight into a 10K tempo run.  Run felt great (58:50) and was actually faster than my last 10K race.  Apparently following a training plan helps?

Weekly totals:
Swim: 2000m
Bike: 68K
Run: 18K
Gym: 3x

Time Total – 6:30

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