A Year of Training – Week 11

Monday – Taking a bit of a running break before the hard winter of long runs starts, so focusing on strength and riding this week.  Swim Foundational Strength workout at the gym.  Hips were tight from the Sunday Tempo run, but foam rolled those babies out good.

Tuesday – Bike Foundational Strength at the gym.  I am very open that this is my least favourite gym routine, mainly because of my dislike of lunges and squats, but I know that its good for me, so I do it.  I just complain about it at the same time. And before.  And after.

Wednesday – Got up early and walked to the pool for my swim… and the lifeguards didn’t show up, so no swim for me 😦  As a result, I had to switch the rest of my workouts around so that I can fit my swim in later in the week.  Unbreakable Strength Workout, followed by a 30 minute run in zone 3.  Only ran 3.5K in those 30 minutes, but it was a fun trail run in the rain with my dog.  She’s the perfect zone 3 running partner 🙂

Thursday – Glutes were a little tight when I woke up this morning (lunges 3 days in a row will do that), by by the time I got on the bike for another Macca’s Stacker round, I felt loose.  Started off slower, but ended up doing more than last week doing the same workout.  Rolling afterwards was awesome.

Friday – Felt sluggish on my way to the pool after staying up too late watching hockey the night before.  Main set was 4×500 alternating pull and swim.  Felt slow, but one of the lane swim ladies told me later that my freestyle was smooth and fast, so that made me feel a little better about it 🙂

Saturday – REST DAY!!!  Ate a lot of candy and watched a lot of TV.  Also, bought some Vega Chocolate protein powder and became a smoothie making machine!

Sunday – Skills and Force bike workout, working on cadence and speed play.

Weekly totals:
Swim: 2600m
Bike: 60K
Run: 3.5K (WTF? Haven’t seen running mileage that low in FOREVER)
Gym: 3x

Time Total – 5:05

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