A Year of Training – Week 12

Absolutely no running this week.  I thought about going with my group on Tuesday against the coaches plan, but then it was cold and rainy so I didn’t 🙂  Probably for the best.

Monday – Swim Foundational Strength workout.  I was bad and skipped some of the warmup and WOW did I ever pay for it during the renegade rows.  Shook. So. Much.  I finished it, but lesson learned – don’t skip warm up.

Tuesday – Macca’s Stacker Bike workout round 3.  Improving a little bit each week.  Cooper does not like me doing this workout on the trainer one bit – I get barked at a lot when I switch to the big ring.

Wednesday – 2600m swim with the 4x500s again (there was a lot of repetition this week).  Felt way better than last week.  Apparently sleep helps.

Thursday – Did the at home version of Bike Foundational Strength.  Smaller weights, but with a little more reps.  Cooper joined me on the yoga mat and was extremely unhelpful.  Doing planks is hard with a dog licking your feet and trying to take over the mat.

Friday – First swim workout so far where I had to be mentally tough and dig deep – main set was 15×100 at fastest sustainable pace on 10 seconds rest.  Had a couple rough intervals but rebounded, and went out a little fast on the first 5 and paid for it later, but overall it was pretty solid.  I can’t complain when the slowest was 1:34.

Saturday – REST DAY.  BOO YAH.

Sunday – Skills and Drills on the bike.  The Husband let the neighbours Great Danes in the house while I was riding and it got a little hazardous and I had to dismount to keep from being killed, but it was funny 🙂

Weekly totals:
Swim: 5100m
Bike: 60KM
Run: 0.  It is so weird to see that when I’m uninjured.
Gym: 2x

Time Total – 5:05

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