A Year of Training – Week 13

Monday – Short and Sweet ride for 45 minutes and Run Foundational Strength gym session.  Was a little tired from the bike workout on Sunday, but it was a nice recovery.

Tuesday – Group run with XSNRG – did 11 K including the workout of Hanna Figure 8 Loops.  Did not feel great, but my splits were consistent and way faster than I felt.  My partner dropped the hammer on the last repeat – she destroyed me. #lastonefastone?

Wednesday – 1400m swim including Tennessee turns which were fabulously fun!  Mostly drills and smooth, but had a 100 all out in there.  The clock wasn’t working and I didn’t have a watch, but I know for sure I was crazy fast 😉

Thursday – Unbreakable Intervals = sprinting up hills.  Didn’t pick a long enough hill so it didn’t go quite according to plan, but I was sufficiently exhausted at the end of this.

Friday – Swim Foundational Strength at the gym.  Friday night gym workouts are the best.  Single arm chest presses were not my friend for some reason and it felt like I had weak kitten arms.  Weird.

Saturday – Mostly just rest, but had ankle and foot mobility exercises.  Went for long dog walkies (where she found a gigantic dead fish – ugh), went out for lunch, went out for dinner and stayed out far too late.

Sunday – Hard Tempo Brick.  Cranked out 31K on the bike in Zone 3-4 and then did 30 minutes of tempo intervals in the snow.  I was a sweaty, sweaty mess, but was satisfied with my workout.  Sat on the coach for the rest of the day and played The Walking Dead video game until it was time to watch The Walking Dead.  Seemed fitting as I felt a little zombie-ish.

Weekly totals:
Swim: 1400m
Bike: 54KM
Run: 22KM.
Gym: 2x

Time Total – 6:00

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