A Year of Training – Week 14

Monday – 40 minute aerobic bike session and then a 20 minute metabolic boost workout.  Burpees made my shins sore :/  Dog tried to assist with push ups and planks.  She is not helpful, but at least she’s cute…

Tuesday – Run with XSNRG.  Ended up doing 14K in the cold, but it was actually pretty good after we got done taking the scenic route to the site.  I was warm enough and was running faster than I thought I was.  The wind was a pain in the butt (or more like slap in the face).  It is going to be a long winter!

Wednesday – Same swim workout as last Wednesday.  Felt heavy and tired from the 14K the night before, but could have been worse.  Did a 100 all out in 1:20.  If I can go 1:20 when feeling like garbage, it can’t be all bad!

Thursday –20K on the trainer for Macca’s Over-Unders in which the Husband gave me the stink eye the entire time because my bike was being super noisy when he was trying to watch Constantine.  I told him that wasn’t very supportive.  And then he took my cell phone away so I couldn’t play on it during recovery because “you won’t have it during your race!” Meanie.

Friday – Got my ass handed to me in the gym on a platter.  Did the #TeamSkyFit fabled #MadonnaArms workout for the first time which made me feel like a beast, but following it up with AB 500 was the end of me.  I got home and The Husband asked how it went (much more #supportive than the day before) and my response was that my abs hurt tomorrow already.  And they did.

Saturday – Off day with ankle rebalance and fast foot mobility stretches.  Did laundry and dishes and then sat on the couch with the dog for the rest of the day and vegged out.  She approved of this plan.

Sunday – 60 minute progression run on a surprisingly warm day – out in capris, t shirt and arm warmers and it was great.  Running in Zone 2 is mentally tougher than running in Zone 4.  Holding back is harder than running smooth.  Zone 2 shuffle feels a bit embarrassing and I yelled at my watch for beeping at me “WHAT DO YOU MEAN I’M WORKING TOO HARD?  I’M BARELY MOVING FORWARD!”  Also yelled at my watch because it didn’t pick up a GPS signal for a solid 4K.  Stupid Garmin.  I have apparent watch rage.

Weekly totals:
Swim: 1400m
Bike: 41K
Run: 23K
Gym: 2x

Time Total – 5:23.  Felt like waaaay more.

Next week is “Reboot and Recovery”, which I’m excited for.  I was physically tired last week, less so this week, but a little break is nice mentally.

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