A Year of Training – Week 15

Reboot and Recovery Week!

Monday – 25 minute range of motion and recovery session – stretching, rolling and relaxing.

Tuesday – 10K run with XSNRG.  Over dressed, but kept my loops nice and smooth.  Ended up running way faster than I thought.  Good sign 🙂

Wednesday – 1200m swim.  Short drills and skills session.  Focus on technique.  Its hard to get in the water for something this short, but the little things are worth it.

Thursday – Easy 60 minutes on the bike.  Watched the Simpsons.  Uneventful.

Friday – Rolling and stretching!

Saturday – Weights and stability ball – I feel like a beast.  Shoulders were sore after and my core felt the stability ball work.

Sunday – Aerobic Brick – 100 minutes on the bike and 60 minute run.  Rode farther and ran the same distance as last time I did this workout – wanted to run faster, but stayed slower to keep my heart rate in the right area.  I like repeating workouts to see my improvement.

Weekly totals:
Swim: 1200m
Bike: 69K
Run: 18K
Gym: 2x

Time Total – 6:17.  A lot of time, but seemed like almost nothing.

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