A Year of Training – Week 16

Monday – Endurance Ladder in the pool – 2450m.  I always like the Endurance Ladder in theory, but by the time I get to the bottom of the ladder, I’m always swearing as there is too much fast and not enough recovery 😛

Tuesday – Nice run in the snow with XSNRG doing Sunnydene loops.  A little slippery and slidey, but a good night out.  Lungs were burning, but wasn’t going fast.  One of those workouts where it sucks at the time, but probably will pay off later.

Wednesday – 3250m in the pool – longest swim in a long time.  Main set was 3×800 followed by 10×25 no breathing.  Felt exhausted, accomplished and hungry by the end.  Good effort.

Thursday – Worked until 8pm and then got home and did my Speed Builder Stack session on my bike.  My Garmin had a mental breakdown halfway through and tried to sync while no where near close to the computer and then froze mid shut down.  Tracked the last half of the workout on my phone time; about 30K in 1:05?

Friday – Nothing.  Was supposed to get to the gym, but was at work from 7am-930pm and just didn’t get there.  Bad Lindsay.

Saturday – Quick Swiss Ball session while on the job.  Felt it in my core immediately.  And then more later.

Sunday – V02 Max set between work sessions and without my heart rate monitor because I left it at home.  Walk portions were cold and I was a little lost – out and back so not literally, but in a strange location so felt lost – but went well.

Weekly totals:
Swim: 5700m
Bike: 48K
Run: 19K
Gym: 1x

Total Time: 4:40

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