A Year of Training – Week 17

Monday – Short swim in the morning with Tennessee Tumblers.  Had a 100 sprint in there that felt amazing, but clock at the pool is still out of commission and I forgot my watch, so I don’t know how fast it was.  Had a 45 minute ride in the afternoon with a solid 30 minute push in there.  Read my book 😉 Good heart rate, but somehow didn’t get sweaty.

Tuesday – Rykert Loops with XSNRG – 7x3minutes with 1.5 minutes walking recovery.  Great smooth run with the boys – they really took off on the last repeat and dropped me, but it was a solid workout.

Wednesday – Woke up with an earache 😦  Did the home version of Run Foundational Strength due to last minute dog sitting.  Doing Overhead Presses with Great Danes knocking you around is difficult.

Thursday – Lydiard Hill Drills in a foot of fresh powder on an unplowed hill, with the dog.  This was tough and slow and after the fourth repeat the novelty of snow had worn off on Cooper and she was unimpressed with running up the hill.  Me too.  Slippy and slidey.  Not super efficient.  Exhausting.

Friday – Was supposed to go to the gym and do Swim Foundational Strength, but went to a friends and watched hockey and drank beer instead. #priorities

Saturday – Did Swim Foundational Strength and ankle strengthening work.

Sunday – Hard Tempo Brick (same as Week 13).  More distance on the bike and a little better on the run.  I love it when I can see the improvement when I repeat a workout.  Did my bike on a flat tire and then went to Gears to get a new tube to fix it for next weeks training. Fought with the trainer tire a little to fix it, but was eventually successful!

Weekly totals:
Swim: 1400m
Bike: 66K
Run: 18K

Total Time: 5:17

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