A Year of Training – Week 18

Monday – Run Foundational Strength at the gym.  Tight hips after the brick on Sunday but felt better after than I did before, probably thanks to the rolling.

Tuesday – Hanna P loops with XSNRG.  Went ok.  Felt slow and sluggish and I was one of the only ones taking the full rest on the intervals, so ended up doing the last half “by myself” (not really because everyone else was there, but we were spread out).  Big picture, it was probably a fine workout, just didn’t feel good at the time.  I’m chalking this up as something that was good long term. Probably.

Wednesday – Work Christmas lunch, so there was wine, followed by Swim Foundational Strength.  Wine makes workouts better.  I probably wouldn’t say this if it were a running workout, or if it were a different strength routine.  I think my balance gets better when I’ve been cocktailing 😉

Thursday – So… Thursdays gym session didn’t happen.  I took a planned nap on the couch after work but it went on for an unplanned 4 hours.  And then I ate dinner and went to bed.  Didn’t feel sick or anything, just needed a big sleep I guess!

Friday – Got to the pool in the morning only to discover that they are already closed for Christmas holidays. Bah humbug.  Plan to go to back up pool that night, but get to work and Google to learn that it is also closed for the holidays.  Quick email to the coach and today’s swim workout turns into a bike speed session.  Short, sweet and sweaty.  Missed not swimming, but this was a great ride.

Saturday – Off day and #TeamSkyFit brunch!  Jenna had the great idea to get all the Toronto area athletes of Brock’s together for a holiday brunch and it was great to meet everyone in person and not just by their Twitter profile 😉  Want to do this again and meet up with some of the gang for some training at some point if all our schedules sync up at some point

#TeamSkyFit - picture by Eleanor :)

#TeamSkyFit – picture by Eleanor 🙂

Sunday – Headed out to TPASC and did my Swim-Bike Brick there because of my regular pools being preemptively on vacation.  Swam long course for the first time since approximately February 2005 – long course is long and tiring on the arms but I had a lot of fun and it was odd to be in this awesome facility with only me and one other person in the 10 lane 50m training tank. 24:50 1500 – not too shabby.  Did my bike on the stationary and it sucked – being that far out of position that what I am on my bike throws my body out of whack.  Arms too high, seat to low… blah.

Weekly totals:
Swim: 1600m
Bike: 45K
Run: 9.5K
Gym: 2x

Total Time: 4:46

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