A Year of Training – Week 19

Monday – Gym session with with core and shoulder focus – my shoulders were burning!

Tuesday – XSNRG Christmas run – ran to Sunnydene, Hanna and Rykert with loops.  Steady run with the group.

Wednesday – Core workout before heading up north for Christmas.

Thursday – Christmas day run – 30-20-10 – on super icy roads in Muskoka.  Felt super slow because of the conditions but was a bit faster than last time I did this workout, which means improvement.

Friday – 60 minute progression run in capris and shirt on Boxing Day. Warm weather is weird, but great for training.  Still tough to run slow enough to be in Zone 2, but my Zone 3 portion was way better than last time. 9.2K of awesome.

Saturday – Abs, Quads and Glutes gym session.  Awesome session, but misread the workout and did WAY more single leg squats than I was supposed to.

Sunday – Glutes are KILLING from yesterday but had a pretty awesome interval ride on the bike.  Followed up by neighbourhood Christmas where I ate far too much food.

Weekly totals:
Swim: 0
Bike: 27K
Run: 25K
Gym: 3x

Total Time: 6:05

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