A Year of Training – Week 20

Monday – 1200 band pull that included 5 100s fast.  Good workout – was still sore in the glutes from last week and was certainly glad it wasn’t a kick set!

Tuesday – XSNRG run at Vaughan Estates.  This was the first time that I’ve been at this location with the group when it wasn’t in the middle of a blizzard.  Main set was 10×2 minutes hard with 1 minute walk between.  Solid workout with solid teammates. I was SUPER salty when I got home from this – need to work on hydrating better.

Wednesday – 60 minute easy aerobic ride on the bike. Stayed in Zone 2 and kept my cadence at 90.  I had a cheerleader on this one – Cooper was annoyed that I was biking instead of playing fetch with her.

Thursday – New Year’s Blast workout – 20×15 gym exercises that kicked my ass followed by a 20 minute tempo run.  Had the challenge of Cooper trying to help me do dips by climbing into my lap.  Run was super windy and really cold on the lungs, but it was pretty good.  Saw a big neighourhood road hockey game on Divadale while was awesome 🙂

Friday – Swim at TPASC.  Great facility, but the staff was definitely not ready for the New Year’s rush of people; took me 24 minutes to get to the desk to pay for lap swim.  10×100 main set.  Went out a little too hard on the first one (1:23) and suffered on the last 3 (1:33), but it was a solid effort overall and I’m happy about it.

Saturday – Lanni’s Abs workout.  Quick and dirty

Sunday – Anaerobic Brick workout – 35 minutes of fast biking, running and sweating.

Weekly totals:
Swim: 3200
Bike:  33K
Run: 17K
Gym: 2x

Total Time: 5:18

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