A Year of Training – Week 21

Monday – Broken 200s at the pool.  Felt blah, but pulled through the set.  Just couldn’t get up and moving.

Tuesday – XSNRG run 3×1500 and then a 500.  Cold and hilly.  Not very fast but was consistent and solid.  Would love to do this again at not -18 degrees.

Wednesday – Unscheduled off day after I slept through my alarm (and therefore my swim workout) so coach made the call to take the day off since my body was saying I needed it.  Watched TV and snuggled with the dog after work and went to bed early.

Thursday – Break the Crank on the trainer.  Hard riding and So. Many. Squats.  Sweaty and hardcore!  At one point I toppled over during the 60s second ISO squat because my bike cleat slipped on the floor.  I am super cool.  Will take off bike shoes next time!

Friday – Swim workouts, redoing the 10×100 from last week.  Did a much better job of trying to be even this time around (1:25-1:31).  Pretty happy with myself 🙂

Saturday –  Lanni’s Abs at the gym (because my coach makes up awesome names for workouts!) to bust my core and a 40 minute Zone 2 recovery run.  It is hard to run in Zone 2 when its cold out because I never really warm up – I’m just cold for 40 minutes.

Sunday –  Power to Burn Brick.  Grinded out the bike and then a 20 minute tempo run.  Legs felt like jello on the run, but it was good to get out there and just RUN after the recovery run yesterday.

Weekly totals:
Swim: 3900m
Bike: 46K
Run: 18K
Gym: 1X

Total Time: 5:48

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