A Year of Training – Week 22

Monday – Broken 200s in the pool again, executed much better.  I had some problems going fast on the 25s, but the 100s and 75s were great!  Busy lane at lap swim, but it was a busy lane full of people with great etiquette, so it was good 🙂

Tuesday – XSNRG workout – 7×3 minutes hard with 1.5 minute recovery.  Same workout as on December 9 but much colder (I think I wore shorts last time) and the back half of the loop was pretty icy, but overall I was faster this time around.  Consistent training helps.

Wednesday – Bike and Core workout.  Quads burned on the bike and abs felt shaky by the end but it was a solid workout.

Thursday – Rest Day!  Ate a burger and napped on the couch.  100% awesome!

Friday – Short speed and hypoxic 25s in the pool.  Arm turn over was slow.  I can do this workout faster!

Saturday – Lannis Abs at the gym with some wobbly side plank rotations.  Also did 20 minutes on the stationary bike while I was waiting for The Husband to finish his workout.  Skipped the 40 minute recovery run as I had to attend a funeral and couldn’t fit it in.  Sometimes real life is more important than training.

Sunday – 2 aerobic hours on the trainer.  This was exactly 3 episodes of Grey’s Anatomy.  This went ok, but the last 11 minutes were the longest 11 minutes ever.  Time is relative.

Weekly totals:
Swim: 3800m
Bike: 65K
Run: 7K
Gym: 1x

Total Time: 5:55

The build is coming…

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