A Year of Training – Week 23

Monday – 10×100 on 10 seconds rest in the pool.  Again.  I don’t really like this workout, but I can see improvement every time I do it.  I’m not getting all that much faster, but I can see myself becoming more consistent; the difference between my slowest and my fastest is getting closer together.

Tuesday – XSNRG workout – 5×2 Sunnydene loops.  Steady and consistent.  It was a good, solid workout even if it was a little cold.  Saw two foxes on my way to Sunnydene!  Left heel a little sore and right achilles a little tight on the last loop.

Wednesday – Fatigue Resistance Bike Stack.  Lived up to its name.  Legs felt like jello when I was done.  Did exactly as promised.

Thursday – Trip to the gym – met up with my old nemesis; lateral lunges.  I like this workout besides those.

Friday – Swim with a little bit of kick, little bit of pull and a little bit of fast.  Stroke was just off today.  Head was moving around, I was over kicking and my stroke was all short and choppy.  The fast 100s weren’t very fast.  Disappointing.

Saturday – Back to the gym!  Lots of rotational and balance exercises to strength that core!

Sunday – Aerobic Brick.  1:30 on the bike and then 45 minute run.  It was a little cold on the run, and I think my bike could have been a little faster (while still staying aerobic), but overall I really enjoying this workout.

Weekly totals:
Swim: 3600m
Bike: 64K
Run: 17K
Gym: 2x

Total Time: 6:34

Marathon training starts now so I should have more running numbers happening.  I’m also going to focus a little more on my nutrition – my eating habits were terrible last week! There may have even been a trip to McDonalds… :/

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