A Year of Training – Week 24

Monday – Short swimming pull workout, but had 3 100s that were surprisingly fast.  My arms were ready to go fast!

Tuesday – XSNRG workout – 5×4 minutes with 2 minutes recovery on the Sunnybrook Lower flats.  Super chilly and my legs were cold the whole time.  Went too fast on number 2 and paid the price on 3 and 4, but rebounded on number 5.

Wednesday – Hour on the bike.  While I still don’t enjoy riding inside on the trainer, it is becoming easier mentally each time.  Hammered the hard parts while watching Netflix.  Played a good game of fetch before hand so I didn’t get barked at as I rode 🙂

Thursday – Lydiard Hill Drills again.  Last time I did this, we had a blizzard and I did this in a foot of fresh powder.  This time, we had a blizzard and I did this in 4 inches of fresh powder.  At least it was a little better?  The struggle was less!  Bounding up without firm footing is tough!

Friday – Bike Sprints!  Short workout, but really got the wheels (wheel?) turning.  Had a lot of fun

Saturday –  Off day!  Took the dog for long walkies and did lots of laundry!

Sunday – First long run of the marathon build process – 16 K nice and easy in the park.  There were a couple slow parts due to conditions (ice and snow) but it was pretty good.  Cold, but when I got moving and surrounded by trees there wasn’t much wind and it was a good day.  I was pretty happy about it, and then I realised that a couple weeks from now my long run is going to be double this long run and that kind of scared me.  Then I went home and ate all the food.  And then I went to a Super Bowl party and ate all their food.

Weekly totals:
Swim: 1200m
Bike: 44K
Run: 29K
Gym: 0

Total Time: 5:49

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