A Year of Training – Week 25

Monday – 2000m continuous swim recovery.

Tuesday – 4o minute Zone 2 run with the dog – she had a great time playing in the snow.  PM had a TeamSkyFit pool party working on skills and drills out at TPASC for a group session.

Wednesday – Didn’t feel great after work but got on my bike to do my workout and I’m glad I did.  Long Power Hills for 51K.  I was a little surprised at how long this workout was because I didn’t read it properly before hand 😉  Planking afterwards – was super shaky!

Thursday –  Hill workout!  10x 200m hills, strong and powerful.  Cold afternoon – hands were freezing!  Ran beside kids tobogganing in the park.

Friday – Cadence Intervals on the bike.  Watch screwed up and didn’t record distance but was super sweaty at the end!

Saturday – Nothing!  Watched lots of Friends on Netflix – why didn’t any of those girls ever wear bras???  Why didn’t I notice this before?

Sunday – 19K long run.  Ankle deep snow for most of the way and my jacket froze.  Toughed it out.  Coach suggested that I could do this indoors, but… ew, long run on a track?  Blah.

Weekly totals:
Swim: 3800m
Bike: 77K
Run: 28K
Gym: 0

Total Time: 8:04

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