A Year of Training – Week 26

Monday – 2500m in the pool with broken 200s and 100s, but felt like I was spinning on the spot.  Nothing was clicking right, but it felt good to feel the struggle and know I can push through when things are sucky.

Tuesday – XSNRG workout – 4x5minutes with 2 minutes recovery on Rykert.  5:00 average pace.  Super icy on the corners and chilly.  Almost had a car run me into a snow bank on the last one – not cool.  I liked the evenness of this one – I’m not known for being consistent and I was.  Yay me!

Wednesday – Same Long Power Hills as last week, but was a little bit stronger and a little bit faster.  Knees were a little bit sore on the standing portions but it was some solid work.  SUPER SWEATY!!!  Heat might have been on it the house… :/

Thursday –  Macca’s Rolie Polies on the treadmill.  This was absolutely terrible.  I hate the treadmill more than almost anything else.  I can’t get my brain around the tediousness of it.  I can run what feels like 10 minutes and then I look down and its only been 14 seconds and doing intervals on seems to make that feeling worse because I’m eternally counting down to something.  Finished it, but swore the entire way and complained about it both before and after.  And now.

Friday – Was working at the pool all day today and snuck in my swim workout afterwards.  Long intervals and pull.  It was a pretty good workout, but I was having trouble focusing on counting – I lost track on almost every repeat, but it probably balanced out in the end.

Saturday – Off!  Long day working at a camp, but I was glad to be inside working instead of outside doing something.  Brrr.

Sunday – -42 with the windchill meant that my 23K long run was on the treadmill (because my mommy told me I had to).  12K, then a pee break and then 11K.  Watched Jerry McGuire.  Whatever happened to that kid?  The kid, not Tom Cruise.  I know what happened to him.

Weekly totals:
Swim: 5100m
Bike: 54.1K (not bad for only 1 ride)
Run: 37K
Gym: 1X

Total Time: 8:13

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