A Year of Training – Week 27

Monday –  High cadence intervals on the bike.  It was Family Day and I procrastinated this workout as long as I could after vegging out on the couch all day.

Tuesday – The Husband gave me a cold so I skipped my XSNRG workout and napped on the couch and drank tea in attempt to cut it off at the pass.

Wednesday – Still felt miserable and slept in, missing my swim.  Rescheduled it for Friday, which was supposed to be off.

Thursday –  Headed outside for Hammertime!   Icy sections depending on if I picked the wrong side of the sidewalk.  8K of speedy stuff.  Still felt sick, but less so.  Actually felt a lot better after doing it, even though I was a little frozen.  Should have worn 2 pairs of tights (-20)

Friday – Long swim.  4×800 at about 75% effort.  Sang a lot to myself underwater – lots of Disney soundtracks going on.  Wore my glasses to the pool and put my contacts in there, only to find that my solution had frozen into slush.  Lesson learned, slushy contacts still work fine.

Saturday – Madonna Arms at the gym.  Was reminded that I still don’t like lateral lifts.  Then went to a 1 year olds birthday party – ate a lot of yummy cookies

Sunday – 26K run in the snow.  This was a good run, although slow, for about 18-19K and then my hips and glutes tightened up and then the last bit was SUPER tough.  The park was way better than the sidewalks.  Nothing was shoveled.

Considering I was sick, this week was pretty solid.

Weekly totals:
Swim: 3600m
Bike: 22.6
Run: 34K
Gym: 1X

Total Time: 6:52

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