A Year of Training – Week 31

Monday –  Recovery Day!  I love these days!

Tuesday – 7x Hanna P Loops with XSNRG.  Super windy out and left calf feels tingly intermittently, but last time I did Hanna P Loops, I only did 6 repeats, so progress!

Wednesday – LC pool workout out at TPASC before work.  Lots of pull and open water drills.  Great workout, but I always forget how long LC feels until I’m doing it.

Thursday –  Supposed to do a hill run workout, but worked from 7am to 10pm and it didn’t happen.

Friday – Recovery day!  From nothing

Saturday – 60 minute aerobic ride on the trainer.

Sunday – 32K long run between sessions at work.  Feet hurt before I started and they didn’t get any better (surprised, no?).  This was good for 30K and then the last 2K were uphill and a shuffle.  This was a rolly, rolly, hilly workout.  Felt badass after being done.

Weekly totals:
Swim: 2300m
Bike: 24K
Run: 43K
Gym: 0

Total Time: 6:54

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