A Year of Training – Week 32

Long time no update? Training has been chugging along, but my work schedule was insane – went from March 15 – April 10 with no days off and many 15+ days.

Monday –  Recovery Day!

Tuesday – Mallory Crescent loops with XSNRG.  Took this super easy as my right foot was sore.  Descended the entire workout and felt light and easy once I was warmed up.  Also, new shoe day!  Just in time to break them in for a May 3 marathon!

Wednesday – Skills and Force workout on the bike trainer.  Got a good laugh when I synced my data because I left my GPS on while inside 🙂  I like this workout as a heart rate workout and then the leg burning at the end.

Thursday – 10 easy hills run workout.  I think that my distance meter is broken in my head as I had the thought of “its only 40 minutes… not even worth it”, but it was totally worth it.  Feel like a badass running up and down this steep beast.  I feel walkers on the path should be applauding my badassedness 😛

Friday – Drill workout in the pool.  Had one of those days where I just felt off and flat in the water.  Glad that I didn’t have anything fast to try and do when didn’t feel sharp.

Saturday – Ankle re balance exercises at the gym.

Sunday – 90 minute progression run.  I still hate Zone 2.  I’m practically walking and still can’t stay that low.  Heart, I love you and that you like to beat quick, but SLOW DOWN.

Weekly totals:
Swim: 2200m
Bike: 31.5K
Run: 28K
Gym: 1x

Total Time: 5:41

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