A Year of Training – Week 33

Monday –  Endurance Ladder in the pool.  Lackluster and unimpressive.  Ended up with feet cramps – probably dehydrated.  Long course with lots of people in the lane.

Tuesday – 7 and 3s running workout by myself between sessions at work.  The wind was tough and chilly.  Not a super familiar neighbourhood and at one point ended up running on the side of the street that the sidewalk disappeared on! Oops 😉

Wednesday – Bike workout didn’t happen due to work.  Boo.

Thursday – Ab workout at gym.  I always forgot how sweaty ab and core workouts make me until I’m halfway through and dripping with sweat!

Friday – Reverse hill workout!  Walk up the hill and then hammer it down.  My hill was a monster along Ellesmere!

Saturday – Recovery day!  Ran around work all day.  Not really an off day.

Sunday – Bright and early 29K before work.  Felt tired, but rocked the same 29K course that I did a couple weeks ago 17 minutes faster than before, so I’ll take it.

Weekly totals:
Swim: 2400m
Bike: 0
Run: 47K
Gym: 1x

Total Time: 6:06.39

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