A Year of Training – Week 34

Monday –  Recovery day!  Easter Monday.  Still at work.  Chocolate was eaten though 🙂

Tuesday – XSNRG workout – 4×5 minutes with 2 min recovery on Rykert.  Fast and smooth and faster than when we last did this on February 10th.  Things are looking good 🙂

Wednesday – Skills and Force workout again on the bike. Had to cut it about 5 minutes short to make it to a physio appointment, but it was hard and quality.

Thursday – Workout at the gym – TORSO TORNADO.  My comment to Coach Brock in my TrainingPeaks was simply “UGH”.  Sums it up nicely.

FridayJodie’s 30s Workout.  The tempo part at the end is the tough part. Super windy day for speed work, but it just makes us tougher, right?

Saturday – FIRST DAY OFF WORK SINCE MARCH 15! Was supposed to swim… but I didn’t.  I sat on my couch and watched Netflix on Daredevil and ate junk food.

Sunday – This was the day of the terrible, no good, very bad long run. 32K scheduled.  Ran 22 no problem – even pace, relaxed.  22-24 I noticed that I was slowing down but felt ok.  At 25K everything seized up from my waist down and I couldn’t do anything about it.  Had to do the 5K walk of shame home.  Discouraging all round.  Probably related to the nutritional value of my Daredevil and Candy marathon the day before 😦

Weekly totals:
Swim: 0
Bike: 27K
Run: 40K
Gym: 1x

Total Time: 5:52

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