A Year of Training – Week 35

Monday –  1500m recovery swim.  Alternated free and back through the entire thing.  Felt better in the water than I expected to considering the disaster that was yesterdays long run.

Tuesday – Optioned out of my optional run and instead went and bought a new bike!  More on this when I actually have it in my possession next week after my fitting, but I’m SUPER EXCITED about it. My current bike, Judy the Giant, has served me well, but she is an old lady and is well overdue for retirement – raced on her since 1998!

Wednesday – Pre Race Bike Activator – 30 minutes with some race pace work thrown in.  Felt great!

Thursday – Race pace practice run workout in prep for TYS10K this weekend, aiming at 5:18 pace (53:00 10 K goal).  Went pretty well on a rainy evening.

Friday – Recovery.  Lots of foam rolling and thinking about running fast on Sunday!

Saturday – Had a busy Saturday!  Went with the Husband to search out some Record Store Day goodies (didn’t get what he was looking for :() and then went to pick up my race kit for #TSY10K and hung out with Jenna and Lanni.  NBD.

I don't always hang out with Canadian Marathon Record Holders, but when I do, its with Lanni Marchant.

I don’t always hang out with Canadian Marathon Record Holder Lanni Marchant, but when I do, its with Jenna Pettinato.

Did all the laundry, put out my patio furniture finally, and cleaned up my little back space.  3K shake out run with the dog.  Hydrated well all day and went to bed early.

SundayTYS10K!  Running down Yonge Street with 6000 of my closest friends!  Actual race report to follow, but in short I had a great run and did an ‘Adult PB’ of 51:48.  Yay! Gave me a little boost after last weeks long run fail 🙂

Weekly totals:
Swim: 1500m
Bike: 13K
Run: 22K
Gym: 0

Total Time: 2:40

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