A Year of Training – Week 36

Monday –  Recovery day after the TYS10K, but legs felt great.

Tuesday – Skipped my XSNRG workout.  Got dressed and was about to walk out the door when CRASH BOOM.  I run through snow and rain, but thunderstorms are where I draw the line.

Wednesday – 45 minute spin on the bike with fast legs

Thursday – Marathon race pace practice, working on holding 6:30-6:40.

Friday – Ladders in the pool for 1700m.  Felt flat, but times weren’t bad.  More importantly… BOUGHT A NEW BIKE!

Saturday – Range of motion routine.

Sunday – 6K easy trail run with the dog with swimming, chasing squirrels, digging holes and old dog shenanigans

Weekly totals:
Swim: 1700m
Bike: 20K
Run: 14K
Gym: 1x

Total Time: 3:14

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