A Year of Training – Week 37

Monday –  Recovery day!

Tuesday – Race Pace Practice again.  This felt great, but the weather has gotten significantly warmer – worried about how this may effect me on marathon day after doing all my training in the frigid winter…

Wednesday – 45 minute easy ride on my new bike on the pathways in the park!  I am afraid of cars, traffic lights and potholes. #chicken

Thursday – Short and loose pre race strides with the dog.

Friday – Quality time spent with my foam roller to work out the kinks.

Saturday – Sat on my ass all day at a board meeting.  Had a pre race chat with Coach to finalize the race plan of the marathon tomorrow.  Legs are restless and want to RUN.

SundayMarathon implosion because of my own stupidity.  Didn’t follow the plan and paid the price, but learned some valuable lessons.  Not all an waste though – if anything, I got some good base running in over the winter for this summer!

Weekly totals:
Swim: 0
Bike: 15K
Run: 53K
Gym: 0

Total Time: 5:52

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