A Year of Training – Week 41

Monday –  Quick and dirty negative split workout in the pool.  Only 1000m but felt great in the water.  Quick massage in the afternoon on my achy right hip and the pain vanished!  At night I played a game of “change the bike tire” multiple times when I attempted to put the new bike on the trainer (with the trainer tire), only to find out that my new bike won’t attach to my old trainer and have to switch the trainer tire back onto my old bike.  In all, I changed 6 tires.  Good practice?

Tuesday – Long power hills workout on the trainer.  This exhausted me.  Awesome workout, but ended up falling asleep on the couch afterwards.

Wednesday – 6K of hard stride intervals.  Lots of bugs in the park – swallowed at least 5 and I think there may be one hiding in my eyes.  Felt good, but achyness is back in the hip after going fast :/

Thursday – REST DAY.  Woke up exhausted.

Friday – 2000m continuous in the pool again.  Went a little faster and felt a little smoother.  Less Lindsay Lohan and more Taylor Swift in my head.  Not sure if this is a good thing.

Saturday – 12K run of speed followed by aerobic work.  Started too late in the day and almost melted in the 30C humidity.  Didn’t bring water – its my own fault.

Sunday – 50K ride on some hilly Muskoka roads.  Touched a little of the Ironman course, but not a lot of it.  Hills are rough.  Turned a corner at one point, saw the next hill and said “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?” Second half was way better than the first half as I remembered how gears work.  Need to remember to pedal on the upstroke as well.  Got a flat with 3K left.  Glad I’ve learned how to change them!  Going up again soon and will ride the first part of the IMMuskoka course.

Weekly totals:
Swim: 3000m
Bike: 90km
Run: 18km
Gym: 0

Total Time: 7:53

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