A Year of Training – Week 42

Monday – Recovery day!  Nailed it!

Tuesday – 40 minutes of speed play on the trainer, focusing on the the upstroke of pedalling.  Clipless pedals are pointless if you only push on the downstroke!

Wednesday – National Running Day, so naturally I went swimming.  Speed work in the pool – main set was 10×100 max on 10 seconds rest.  Trying to find the balance between kicking and overkicking gets harder the more tired I get.  Haven’t done this in a while and thought that I would have lost some speed in the pool after all the focus on running during the winter, but it was pretty solid.  Last 3 were a little tough.  More rest would have been nice!

Thursday – Hard strides workout workout again.  Went a little bit further a little bit faster.  So yay!

Friday – Recovery day!! YAY! Two in one week?  NAILED IT AGAIN.

Saturday – Took a dip with some of #TeamSkyFit in Lake Ontario at Sunnyside Beach.  Holy crap that was cold.  Like, cold on my exposed flesh to the point of painful.  Glad I got in and did some swimming in my wetsuit before next week, but, geeeeze that was cold!

Sunday – Short Anaerobic Brick workout.  Sweaty and gross and definitely anaerobic.


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