A Year of Training – Week 44

Recovery Week post Rose City half.

Monday – Went for a massage to get some of the muscle tightness worked out.  The fingers on my left hand aren’t working properly – like the message isn’t getting from my brain to my fingers.  Post massage they are a little better, but still not right.

Tuesday – Lots of stretching and range of motion exercises.  Hand is better, with fingers able to function and type, but feels weak.  Having trouble gripping things.

Wednesday – 30 minutes on the trainer to wake up my legs.

Thursday – Participated (wouldn’t call it race) with #TeamSkyFit at #EkidenTO. Only did the short 5K leg (which ended up being 5.7 because there was no one at the turn around and we all ran long).  Legs were slow and tired, but I actually felt really good for 4 days post Half Ironman.  No muscle stiffness or pain 🙂

Friday – Nothing!!!

Saturday – Went to the 5 Peaks race in Milton at Rattlesnake Point and was a sherpa for a friend, holding all the stuff and dog sitting.  It was a beautiful day to be out and about in the running scene!  Well organized and low key event!

Sunday – Massage and muscle trigger activations.  All ready for the big build starting this week!

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